MTU issue with PPPoE Server

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    I have an issue with PPPoE Server.

    We have a bunch of external IP-Addresses. So we want to give some host fixed IPs via PPPoE.

    DMZ 1–---------------------------------------------- pfsense -----------------------------------------[www] [external Address]                                    |                                                       [internal Address]                                |
                                                                                        –-- DMZ 2

    PPPoE works... Ping works also
    But big packets (MTU >1452) wont go thought.
    The same to the second DMZ


    poes10: flags=88d1 <up,pointopoint,running,noarp,simplex,multicast>metric 0 mtu 1480
            inet6 fe80::20c:29ff:fec9:bdcf%poes10 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x19
            inet --> netmask 0xffffffff
            nd6 options=21 <performnud,auto_linklocal>poes11: flags=8890 <pointopoint,noarp,simplex,multicast>metric 0 mtu 1500</pointopoint,noarp,simplex,multicast></performnud,auto_linklocal></up,pointopoint,running,noarp,simplex,multicast> 

    I have tried to set different MTUs on this host (down till 1200)…. and also different hosts.
    Without PPPoE big Packets went to DMZ.

    Packet Capture :
    Test1 via PPPoE on Interface DMZ 2

    20:26:31.294850 IP > ICMP echo request, id 1, seq 255, length 40
    20:26:31.295371 IP > ICMP echo reply, id 1, seq 255, length 40

    Test2 via PPPoE on Interface DMZ 2

    20:29:18.308484 IP > ICMP echo request, id 1, seq 263, length 2008
    20:29:21.336250 IP > ICMP echo request, id 1, seq 266, length 2008

    Test2 without PPPoE  on Interface DMZ 2

    20:37:58.065317 IP > ICMP echo request, id 1, seq 287, length 1480
    20:37:58.065322 IP > ip-proto-1
    20:37:58.066207 IP > ICMP echo reply, id 1, seq 287, length 1480
    20:37:58.066243 IP > ip-proto-1

    With these tests I had a MTU on of 1480…
    The same captures are on the external interface to
    Unfortunately I can't capture the PPPoE-Server interface because it is not selectable.

    I have read but it seems not be the same issue…


  • Does any one need more information? I am the only one, who have this issue?


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  • If you're testing MTU using ping, you need to set the 'don't fragment' bit and make sure that pfSense is not set to override invalid DF bits (System -> Advanced, Firewall / NAT tab, 'Clear invalid DF bits instead of dropping the packets' should be unchecked).

    If you're using the pfSense shell prompt, the correct syntax is ping -D -s <payload size=""><destination>. You specify the payload size - there is 28 bytes of overhead on top. For example, if you find the maximum payload size that works over a link is 1472, this means the MTU is 1500.

    If your big packets had a payload size of 1452, this would correspond to the MTU of 1480 configured on the PPPoE interface. Meanwhile, the mention of ip-proto-1 in the packet capture of the supposedly functional big packet scenario without PPPoE may well indicate fragmentation was in use.

    I have to ask - why use PPPoE for DMZ IPs? It seems to be the most complex and highest overhead option. I would either use routed IP or 1:1 NAT.</destination></payload>

  • Hi David,

    many thanks for your reply….

    to answer your question:
    we have several costumer connected to us via microwave. Our DC is for this costumer the internet breakout.
    I am the owner of the external ip-addresses. I am responsible for the communication, to and from the internet (in German called "Störerhaftung"). To guarantee that a specific costumer use a specific IP in this range , I need PPPoE, or I must use for each costumer his own VLAN with an overhead  of unused addresses (Broadcast, Net-IP).

    I will try your suggestion...


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