Bandwidth Distribution Dynamically

  • Hello,

    I have a 12MB Line. I want to distribute bandwidth dynamically.

    Example I want to give 8MB for HTTP and 4MB to IMAP. But in case if IMAP is not used, then 4MB must be utilized for HTTP along with 8MB i.e total of 12MB should be used by HTTP.

    I have tried traffic shapper with the queue option. Is there any way to do so?

    Please share your Inputs.

  • HFSC+CoDel

    -qInternet UpperLimit 12Mb(technically less than 12Mb, but differs based on the stability of the connection. Less stable, lower number)
    –qHTTP 8Mb
    --qIMAP 4Mb

    When approaching HFSC, figure out how you want your bandwidth distributed assuming your connection is maxed out. What's your worse case.

  • Unless you have multi-WAN/multi-LAN, you only need create the 2 qIMAP and qHTTP queues. Set the WAN interface (root queue) to some number under 12Mbit (a few % below whatever you real-world download throughput is). Use link-share.

    Also, are you referring to download or upload?

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