WAN Connectivity Issues - pfsense w/ Cradlepoint as modem (IP Passthrough)

  • I did a quick search of the forms and came up empty.

    I have a Cradlepoint device that I would like to use as a modem only (IP passthrough to pfsense).  However, when I remove the NAT from the CP and pass the external IP though to pfsense I run into problems.  I assume when the CP does the NAT'ing it specifically looks for those packets and drops them.

    My best guess is some packet from the pfsense device itself is making it up stream to the carrier and they are kicking the device off.  Ive removed all the other devices on my network and it still happens (why I assume its the pfsense box itself and not something else).  I also have the WAN filtering for LAN traffic and non RFC traffic turned on.

    I could only find one thing on the entire internet that sounds close to this.

    "Additionally, IP Source Violations (where the source IP packet is not the IP issued by the cellular carrier) will cause
    the carrier to briefly disconnect the modem. This disconnect in most cases is quick to recover and has been
    labeled “structured packet loss” . Since the CBA750B is a transparent bridge you are required to NAT all traffic to
    the IP address assigned by your carrier on your network hardware. The most common offender of IP source violation
    is ancillary traffic source directly from the router like NTP, SNMP, TACACS, and Syslog."

    I haven't had the time to do an inline packet capture and correlate to the disconnects so I thought I would ask here first and see if anyone else has/had a similar issue.

    Also, I was thinking this problem may present itself for folks using USB modems directly with pfsense (not sure if there is some function that treats the WAN differently if its a USB modem)  I have a USB modem but there isn't enough coverage where my pfsense box is to connect (hence why I am using a cradlepoint as the modem).

    The carrier is Verizon and I've tried both static and CGN (carrier grade NAT) IP's

    Any advice/suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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