ASRock IMB-110/D525 Series - Cheap home solution

  • Hi all,

    I gave my old computer away which was used as my Pfsense firewall/router. Now I would like to get something new but Budget is really tight.
    I have been looking around and a supplier of mine suggested the ASRock IMB-110 with Intel Atom D525. The price is right and as far as I can see it will do what I need from it.

    I will do some traffic shaping and bandwidth monitoring on it. My WAN link speed is only 2Mbps which will hopefully be upgraded to 10Mbps in the near future.  :P
    I will also only require two Ethernet ports which it already has.

    Would love to hear your opinion on the board.


    PS. I don't stay in the US or Europe so my supplier base is limited.

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