VDSL Modem DrayTek Vigor130

  • Hi there,
    i hope this is the right forum. I often read the question, which is the right VDSL Modem to buy. So i just can recommend the Vigor130.

    My setup is a virtualised pfSense in Xen on Gentoo Linux with the German Provider 1und1 with VDSL 50. I've put the modem into bridge mode, put all together, adjusted the config files to the new setup and powered up the VM, and everything is running like a charm.

    I hope I may help some others, because I've spent severel hours crawling through the net, to find a new modem which i should buy because of the change from "regular" DSL to VDSL. Yes, the modem is not the cheapest, but the 100€ should be worth for someone who wants a piece of hardware which almost works out of the box (just have to change the modem from routing into bridge mode)


  • Agreed. I've got a Vigor 100 which has been chugging along for years without skpping a beat (one replacement wall wart power brick notwithstanding).

  • Well done, and from me on top according to this theme the hint for T-Com Entertain, VDSL2 and Vectoring
    the ZyXEL VMG1312-B30A for ~120! Its a WiFi router that will be coming by "factory default" as a pure
    modem in the so called "bridged mode".

    • WiFi 802.11n

    • Vectoring support

    • ADSL/VDSL2-Router and Ethernet Gateway

    • Highspeed-Internetzugang mit bis zu 100 MBit/s

    • Internet-Telefonie in Verbindung mit TK-Analge Octopus F50 möglich

    • ex factory / ex works configured as a pure Modem, can be turned into a full featured WiFi Router

    • VDSL2/ADSL2+-Modem with Fallback VDSL

    • 4 Port Switch

    • NAT & SPI-Firewall

    • QoS- Functions

    • VDSL2 Profile 8a/b/c/d, 12a/b, und 17a

    • ADSL2/2+, Annex B, Annex J self choosing

    • Future proof with Annex B/J-Fähigkeit

  • Just a question, since I'm getting my Vigor 130 next week and you guys seem to have nailed the proper config:

    It is super unclear to me if I should enable VDSL VLAN tagging on the modem (along with full bridge mode), which tag id to use (the vigor manual suggests 101, and I read that anything below 34 shouldn't be used) and then also create a VLAN with corresponding tag in PFsense (on the WAN interface). OR should I just leave the modem on bridge mode without VLAN tagging and apply no further config to my PPPoE interface in PFsense.

    Any input will be appreciated!


  • It is super unclear to me if I should enable VDSL VLAN tagging on the modem (along with full bridge mode),

    In this case you should ask your ISP first which VLAN tag he is setting up on the other side, his side!
    And this can be also beeing different from ISP to ISP!

    I would set up the modem as a pure modem and then trying first setting up the PPPoE data
    in the pfSense at the WAN port and also there the VLAN tag.

  • Ok, this makes sense to me, I thought the VLAN tagging was used between the PFsense interface and the modem, and couldn't understand why it would be needed. I will try to set it all up without tagging first, then if it fails I'll query the ISP regarding the VLAN tag to use. Thanks!

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