I want a static DHCP lease with a dynamic hostname

  • OpenWRT has a feature that I'd like to mimic on pfSense, which is the ability to dynamically allocate hostnames to static DHCP mappings that lack a predefined hostname. Granted, I suspect this is less of a feature and more of a byproduct of the way the different OpenWRT services interact.

    I've often found this useful when testing stuff on bare metal: in effect, I was able to have a static IP without touching the host config (due to the DHCP mapping) and still be able to resolve the hostname to that static IP. Then, whenever the hostname changed – which could be often – the new hostname would resolve to the same static IP.

    Unfortunately, it seems that if I do a static DHCP mapping in pfSense and leave the hostname field blank, the hostname the host sends in the DHCP request is ignored. I've got the static IP, yes, but not the dynamic hostname.

    I'm wondering if there's a reasonable way to achieve this behaviour with pfSense?