Help with the network layout openvpn and DLNA

  • Hi Guys,
    This is a post to ask for ideas.
    let's start by saying that I'm new to pfsense I had some experiences with it but is now when I have my firewall/router deditated hardware and I want to do  the right setup.

    Last time I tried to remove my ISP provider router I almost succeed, but the IPTV did not work properly so it's a pitty and a restriction I have to keep it. so from the internet side what I do is  connect the wan non pfsense to the router with a private ip range and forward everything from the router to my pfsense box. and so far it works for my NAT ports and things like that.

    So now in pfsense.
    Until now I have an interface for the DMZ zone. which has some pinholes to my LAN to allow access to some servers.
    Ovbiously there is an interface connected to the LAN

    Until here everything works fine.

    But now I want to do something more ;-)
    I have an openvpn connection to allow me access to Streaming services that are geolocated.

    But I do not want to have all my trafic to go through the vpn since it's much slower. (I'm not doing it for security reasons or encription just for geolocation)

    So I need a quick way of change the location of any device, phone, tv, pc from accessing internet through my ISP or though the openvpn.

    My idea was to create another interface and add a new subnet and a wifi access point there so whenever I need to be in another country just have to connect to that wifi spot.

    but there is a tricky part.  I also would like that when I'm connected to the subnet that goes over the vpn  I would like to be able to access to the dlna servers I have in my normal LAN so like for example my TV can be connected to the lan associated with  the vpn but access to my music on my home server..

    I hope I made myself clear.  and you Gurus can give me some great ideas.

    Thank you verry much all in advance.

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