Multi Wan+Multi Lan Egress issues

  • Howdy, love pfsense.  This is actually the first issues I havent been able to solve with google-fu.

    Currently set up
    wan1 static ip wan
    opt2  static ip wan

    opt1 - guest lan
    lan - lan

    I have wan1/opt2 in a gateway group for failover wan1 is tier 1, opt2 is teir2

    I have squid, snort, pf blocker with 2 captive portals 1 for lan and 1 for opt1.

    The default lan subnet to any works great.  Opt1 to any also works.

    When I disable the any rule and add specified ports for 80,53,443 - etc I cannot get the darn thing to pull a website in.

    I've disabled captive portal and squid as a troubleshooting step.

    I've got openVPN working fine with the port forwards in NAT and I can connect and see either subnets.

    What am I missing?


  • I just reread PCI compliance and it looks like I misread the requirement.  Only need egress firewall on the actual server which is already there.  I put everything back and it is working perfectly.  Love pfsense! :D

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