Active/Standby Load Balancing

  • Hi
        We have a requirement where we need to build an active/standy set up for Application servers.Already we have configured active/active setup for servers in PFSense firewall through Load balancer.

    When we try to create a similar configuration for Active/Standy setup we are not able to make it successfully.

    Steps we tried while implementing Active/Standby configuration

    1. Created two pools in Load balancer
    2. Created a virtual server with Public IP
    3. Created a Fall Back Pool in Virtual Servers (For standby)

    But still servers in both the Pools acts as Master and creates a confusion during code deployment.

    We want a particular server to act as Master and when it goes down slave should take the control and should process the code.We donot want both the servers to pick the code and process it simultaneously.

    Kindly provide suggestions or ways to achieve this setup.

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