Pfsense 1.2 stable with IPSEC trough WAN 100Mbps reboots the box

  • Hey guys i was doing some performance tests today and found something pretty disturbing hehe i grabbed one of those Watchguard firefox x edge (low-end model) and put that on one end of an IPSEC tunnel, and a  pfsense box with an alix board on the other. The tunnel went up and was working but as soon as i tried to make a huge transfer of files he pfsense box just hangs and reboots itself, it happened all the times i tried.

    I understand that  amount of traffic could be too much but is just ridiculous that could  make the pfsense box die.  Surprisingly the watchguard mini appliance took it like a man. I was convinced that test would give exactly the opposite result … :(

    So... what do you think?

    A misconfiguration of my part?

    Watchguard specs
    Proc: Not sure probably 200-266Mhz

    pfsense box specs
    Proc: Geode AMD 500Mhz
    Mem: 256


    Phase 1

    Phase 2

  • I ran into a similar issue when testing with the old WRAP boards. When I setup an IPSEC VPN between a box with a crypto card, and one without a crypto card, it would crash the one without a crypto card. I bet that Watchguard has some sort of encryption offloading. Drop a Soekris crypto card in the pfSense box and it should be way faster than the Watchguard.,1869.0.html

  • I've beaten the hell out of a WRAP with a Xeon server as the other end point and it was never unstable. That sounds like an ALIX, which I haven't put through the same rigor yet.

    It's kernel panicing, so you're hitting either some sort of FreeBSD bug or hardware problem. Can you follow this:

    and get us the results from when it panics? Assuming you can reliably replicate it, or at least replicate it once. you can email it to me (, it'll be pretty long.

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