APU SD > mSATA - Quick question about configuration

  • I have a handful of Firewalls out on customers' sites, and I have a test APU in house. They're all running on SD cards at the moment, but I would like to change them over to mSATA drives.

    My question, can I use my in-house APU to setup pFsense onto the mSATA drives, then restore the various configurations onto individual mSATA drives, with a view then to simply take them out to site, swap the SD for the mSATA, and change the boot sequence? (Rather than having a longer downtime having to install to the mSATA in the field)

    pfSense just looks for the RE1, RE2, etc names on the interfaces doesn't it? It doesn't tie anything in with MAC addresses or any other hardware serial numbers on individual boards does it?

  • Should be fine. You don't need to mess with the boot sequence- just pull the SD and put the mSATA in.

  • Great thanks, I was hoping it would be ok, I had an old ALIX firewall die last year, and a restore to another board worked fine, (that was before I changed them all to APU's) - better safe than sorry!

    • P.

  • remember to enable trim

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