Quad BlackVpn Question for Monitoring Firewall on OPT1

  • Hello, 31 Yrs, first time I am using a Forum as I am in very uncharted waters with GiniPig Preparations for future implementation of T.P.P. Tests done on me :(
    So many things I have done to feed them True Quad Blck VPN Service so the three leter word groups can have fun decrypt Quad 128bit Blowfish…...
    Any how, Love this firewall, I am really burred under my firewalls and everything is good I am a DD-wrt Expert enough to stack 4 on Black VPN.
    so here is my setup and problem, I am running many
    DD-WRT Routers
    2x NETGEAR R7000 both running kong mods
    2x Linksys E1200 Both Running Mega
    1x NETGEAR EX7000 Sadly no DD-DWT
    1x NETGEAR R8000 running a Stable DD-WRT build NON Kong Mod

    so...I Use Tor Guard

    and it goes Linksys E1200 V2 after Firewall Name Firewall then 2nd Linksys E1200 V2 Seattle 1st Net-gear R7000 is Las Vegas 2nd Net-gear R7000 is Las Angeles and Finally the Net-gear R8000 is in Diffrent places Daily ;) so I am Good on that, All through the PFsense Firewall Running 8GB Ram a Intel Dual Core, I Have it Running on a usb 2.0 32GB Jump Drive, LOL

    My Problem is if I even go Outside the fire wall just to monitor it, its real bad, PF Blocker NG and Snort cant keep up :( so like my firewall now is Clean, only 2 for my send and receive on my OPENVPN UDP or TCP its all good with my blazing 80 on my Cable Internet running a SB6141 also

    I want to Monitor the Firewall from OPT1 my 3rd Built in Lan on the Motherboard for just monitoring through the firewall WITHOUT being on the Net ?
    I wish I had time to work on this, My firewall took along time but its been days since I have been on it, 1 Fricking day China was connecd to my ip FOR Days, Yes Yes, Normally Pf-blocker NG Would fix this, but My ISP Is really doing bad things to me, the ONLY Reason I have PFsense fire wall is to protect me From my ISP, its like a Trust between 2 domains but I don't trust them, LOL

    I know running 4 BlckVpns is Difficult, i Want to Share my information to contribute to this forum as Snow den is my new Hero, till he sells out at least.
    My Config is cool, over 10TB of NAS, Servers, Windows 2012 R2 Environment for increases Security.
    I could really use some Help, Thx

    P.S. there is so much to my config just ask any questions if you like, i know I left alot out, but there is alot to it

  • Anyone ? Need to Monitor and have access to the WebGui for the Pf-sense firewall on the 3rd Built in NIC as I am running Dual Nics for the Firewall without a whisper of me being between the PF-Sense firewall and the first Linksys E1200 v2 Running DD-WRT Mega, if I log into this E1200 Named FIrewall even with Kali Linux 2.o GUFW running I just get bombed, Who am I, A Man who Believes in the Constitution.

    my config works so each router is in a different location, Basically the routers don't talk to each other execpt for the OPENVPN TUNNEL, there not going to with Firewall Magic and ip tables, if I thought this was I firewall issue i would have been in there, if i am not on my openvpns, its not worth being on the internet, I know PFsense is Good, and Tinkered with is Powerful, but is like butter for the Workers…but Encryption Works, I am running 64bit, the Latest Version Snort and PFblockerNG and More, going to move to suricata in 3 days, I Don't need help with that but someone must Know......How to Access from the OPT1

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