2.2.5 Fresh Install w/Config Restore

  • 2.2.5 Fresh Install and Config Restore


    1. Boot 2.2.5 i386 memstick image
    2. Select Quick and Easy install option
    3. Provide basic interface config for LAN access.
    4. Go through web gui initial setup accepting all the defaults.

    Config Restore:

    1. Restore config + RRD backup from 2.2.5 upgrade done previously.
      2.2.4 to 2.2.5 Upgrade Successful 
    2. System Reboots to load restored 2.2.5 config.


    1. Console menu indicates SSH is not enabled and indeed it is not.
    2. Select console menu option 14 to enable SSH, but prompted that it is already enabled and if I want to disable it.
    3. Go ahead and disable SSH.
    4. Again select console menu option 14 to enable SSH and this time the prompt is correct and SSH is enabled.

    This SSH enable/disable out of sync prompt was an issue with the previous release too.

    1. Everything seems fine.

    P.S. the fresh install was much quicker than the upgrade.

    2.2.5-RELEASE  (i386)
    built on Wed Nov 04 15:50:18 CST 2015

    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p24

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