Lcdproc-0.5.5 pkg.v.1.0.2

  • Hi everybody,

    Pfsense 2.1.5 on Firebox x1250e.
    Fresh install
    Restoring setup from an other firewall.
    Only lan interface is active.
    Acces to internet via routing (System - Gateway)

    Trying to install lcdproc. First installation : service don't start. My mistake: i do not try with lcdproc-dev.
    So uninstalling lcdproc and reboot firrewall.
    Now each time i install lcdproc: no option in Services for lcdproc.
    Install hang with :

    Executing custom_php_resync_config_command()...

    In logs :

    php: lcdproc: Could not open /usr/pbi/lcdproc-i386/local/etc/LCDd.conf for writing.

    Uninstall, restarting firewall 2 times, then install again : the problem remain the same.


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