How to Limit Any except these Ports?

  • Option to invert the sense of the match is only for IP Addresses. How to do it with Ports?
    Given I already have limiters in place.

    Rule statement:
    "Limit anything from this IP to 3mb/5mb except ports <port alias="">"</port>

  • The order of the firewall rules is important. On a regular interface, it is first-matched wins. Floating rules are last-matched wins (I think).

    So, put the exception rule at the top, if it is a regular interface.
    Then follow that rule with your limited-bandwidth catch-all.

    Traffic will be caught by the first rule if they are within the port alias.
    Otherwise they miss that rule and fall into a catch-all (all ports).

  • Thanks man, that's what I've been doing, I am just hoping to get a one liner rule for this. My rule list are becoming convoluted..

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