• i'm trying to setup a multi-wan configuration with a dsl and cable connection connected directly to pfsense, dsl is the main wan and uses pppoe, the cable uses dhcp and is connected to opt2. So both my public ip's are on pfsense.
    I followed the multiwan1.2 tutorial but it only explains the configuration when both wans are on router mode and pfsense accesses it through private ips.
    So i would like to know if it's possible to use the methods explained in that tutorial in this setup since i'm getting some troubles trying to setup the rules.

  • It's not different.
    You just define the gateways in the balancer pool.
    No difference if the gateway are in local address space or directly public.

  • Thanks, but in the DMZ1 rule on the tutorial it says the destination should be network and DMZ2 should be WAN2 subnet, the DMZ2 rule I can setup correctly with WAN2 subnet as destination but on DMZ1 rule what should I place as destination?

  • I dont know which tutorial you're refering to, hence i dont have a clue what you just were writing about ^^"

  • This rule is above the balancer-rule.
    The balancer rule balances connections over both WAN's.
    If you want to access the immediate private subnet in front of pfSense you need another rule that doesnt have as gateway the balancing-pool, but the interface directly.
    The rule is just there that you still have access to the imediate private subnet in front of pfSense.

    Since you dont have private subnets in front of pfSense you dont need such a rule.

  • Thanks, i solved the problem i was having, i had enabled advanced outbound nat according to another tutorial but it's not needed on this one, it is working now it seems.
    Just another doubt, i'm testing failover and it seems to be working, but according to some traceroute tests, the failover takes about 1m more or less to happen, that is common right ?

  • What is 1m?

    It should be pretty immediate.
    What do you have as monitor IPs?

  • ok i've been testing some more and after I disconnect one of the WANs it gets marked as offline almost imediately on the load balancer status, but when I do some traceroutes, sometimes it still tries to go through the link that is down.
    i'm using the dns servers as monitor ips.