Dhcpd rrd graph

  • Hi all,

    could use some help with improving/cleaning up/idea's for this PR: https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/pull/2036

    -dhcp_gather_stats.php is bloated (copy/paste of status_dhcp_leases.php) - not sure if there is a more efficient way to get the data required
    -need to figure out what the different rrd-parameters do in the various php files. - could use your input / diff style of graphs ?

    this is on each interface-tab of services_dhcp.php. Can enable/disable each interface seperately.

    these are the actual graphs:

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    Meh. You have some screenshots? I can provide input on how much is sucks based on that :D however I completely refuse to deal with rrdtool. That thing is about as user friendly as debugging systemd issues.

  • enjoy your rant ;)

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    Heh… Definitely won't be telling you anything new, but the descriptions are obviously misaligned, plus - this scale should be just integer (and there we go back to rrdtool suckage - I even don't have  a clue whether it's actually doable or not). Perhaps, add static leases in there (able to pull this from config.xml or something else?)

  • -changed to a line-type graph
    -added static leases
    -the misaligment is available across every other rrd graph:  needs some looks  ;)

  • new version with additional info:

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