Pfsense and wireless access point

  • Hey all, I have an R7000 nighthawk router I want to setup and use just for my wireless connections in AP mode to use with my pfsense server.  My question(s) is how exactly do I set that up besides just clicking AP mode in the router config.  Will the r7000 in ap mode still be giving out ips?  I would rather the pfsense box giving out ips to all devices (wired and wireless), I just want the r7000 to handle wireless connections and not to do any routing, dhcp etc.  I assume I will also need to assign an ip to the r7000 even when in ap mode, is this correct?  Does this ip need to be static that I assign in the r7000 itself or will it pick up an ip from my dhcp server from my pfsense box?  Then finally can I use the 4 port switch in the r7000 as just a normal switch?  So just connect it to one of my existing switches in my network and devices plugged in will get ips from my pfsense server?

    thanks all for clarification.

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    The AP mode prob just adds the wan port to the switch port bridge and disables it dhcp server..

    Any wifi router can be used as just AP with couple of steps, turn off its dhcp server - assign its lan an IP on your network (yes normally static outside your dhcp scope) Most routers do not support dhcp on their lan anyway.  Then connect to your network via one of its lan switch ports = AP.

    And yes you can also use any of the lan ports ans more switch ports on your network.  To be honest I wouldn't really about its "AP" mode…

  • If you are putting the ap on the lan port of the pfsense box and you have dhcp running on that lan interface, say pfsense lan interface is with dhcp server set to give out you can give the ap a static ip of on the interface used to connect to pfsense and it will work on the ap stop dhcp dns and firewall set as gateway and dns.

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