Load balancer failover

  • Hello

    i have tried searching for this problem but i can't find an awnser to it.

    i have 2 pfsense boxes with 3 interfaces, wan , lan and sync

    i have set the carp options on the master and filled out everything except for the peer box
    on the slave i just have the sync button enabled.

    When i wanted to add a carp address for the WAN interface i tried 3 times to add it,
    It did add it or so it seemed i clicked apply, it did (still there), but then when i refreshed after a while it was gone.
    On the forth time i did it, it somehow sayed in place and both machines had the VIP

    i added the loadbalancer rule, it should forward the http request on the carp address to a http pool
    same story with the virtual ip, i added it but it disapears. But after sevral tries it appears on both machines.
    When the rule is finally added the load balancing works.

    But when i stop the master pfsense the other pfsense doesn't take over.

    sorry i'm a complete noob on this, and i do appologies if this is covered in another topic but i didn't find it.

    thanks in advance

  • Have you looked at this?

    You'll notice that on the secondary node, you only check 'sync enabled' and select the interface.
    (Ignore the preemption setting, it's on by default now)

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