How to backup & restore only DHCP Server from command line

  • Can I backup and restore only DHCP Server configuration from command line? Because I need rsync it to a lot of server with script. Thank you

  • You'll have to write your own code if you want to do this. /usr/local/www/diag_backup.php will probably be a great help.

    To be honest, if you want to do anything 'clever' that requires functionality beyond that provided in pfSense, you are probably better off implementing that feature entirely separate of pfSense. For example, I require my RADIUS server to do things that are not supported in the pfSense FreeRADIUS package, so the most straightforward way ahead is to run FreeRADIUS on another FreeBSD box. You clearly have other devices available to you, as you want to synchronise the data to them.

    Depending on your application, it might help if your switches have DHCP Relay functionality.

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