• Hopefully people aren't finding me annoying on this board yet but I am diagraming / documenting my projects throug these boards so people can get an idea of what to do / help me out  :)

    Basically I got a pfSense running on an Adaptec QFE Card on a Tyan Motherboard 633mhz Celeron Coppermine, 256Mb of RAM.

    Here is the Network Plan. This is for a WISP running to a client end Apartment Complex

    Radio1 = NAP side, this is where my bandwidth comes from.
    Radio2 = Client Side this is my input to my WAN on pfsense

    WAN = /26
    LAN = DHCP local 172.16.24.X
    OPT1 = /26  added route back to (confused if I should make this or leave it at 201.1)

    This is going to have a route statement from a core router
    "ip route"

    Then LAN and OPT1 are my two distribution interfaces. This is going into an eight port switch. This is so clients can DHCP 172.16.24.x and stil lhave the public IP block on OPT1 for Public IP's.

    Basically this is what I'm confused on. How to use the Public IP's on the OPT1 interface. I havn't found much documentation besides enabling advanced outbound NAT and make sure firewall rules permit the traffic.