Wan IP does not recover after reboot

  • Hi Guys,

    Having a strange issue. I have a remote Pfsense running 2.2.5. After sending a reboot thru the webui, pfsense box comes back, but without a WAN IP. I have to manually go to Status->Interfaces->Renew to get the IP address. I've tried a cold boot and same problem.
    The cable modem forwards the public IP and my pfsense is set to DHCP. The main problem is that this pfsense box is in a remote location, and I have to get someone to log in and manually hit the renew button. The remote location has power outages once every couple of weeks, so it's a PITA getting service restablished.

    Any ideas?


  • Anything in Status - System Logs - DHCP, or the General log?

  • I am comparing my 2 pfsense boxes and have noticed that on the one where the wan ip is not updated i am missing the following line in the logs:
    php: rc.bootup: ROUTING: setting default route to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (public IP).

    Why is this command not being sent after a reboot?

    I checked on previous days, and the command was sent successfully on previous reboots; the only difference was that I installed avahi since then. I will retry removing the package.

  • That's likely just a symptom of it not getting an IP. What DHCP-related logs do you get during reboot? dhclient is what you're looking for.

  • Well, I removed the avahi package, and the problem is now history. I will retry installing the package at another time and retest.

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