Comminucation over LAN is slow…

  • LAN clients to WAN is just fine for all machines, including wireless clients to WAN. However there is a huge dip in speed when it comes to interlan communication. Actually wireless to LAN also has the same problem. I've had a freeNAS box setup for a few months now and only last week got pfsense setup as my firewall/router solution. However ever since I've setup pfsense my wireless and wired clients have been having horrible speeds connecting to my NAS box (also in LAN). CPU/mem usage is very low and I've even removed the one package I installed just in case it might be causing performance hits. Doing so hasn't helpef at all. The NAS system is running the same as always, its just now that its connected over my 16 port TP-Link switch the speed is horrific.

    Actually do you think it might be the switch itself? Its supposed to be a fast 10/100MB unmanaged switch and I never considered that to be a possible bottleneck. Is there any reason pfsense would maybe throttle LAN traffic or slow it down in some way with a default installation? Or should I investigate my switch…

    Any information is appreciated.

  • It's sound like it has noting to do with pfSense. Never the less you'll need to track down your bottleneck.
    1. To test the max speed you can have between two clients you'll need a crossover cable.
    2. Following setup freenas –----- switch ------- a client

  • I do have a crossover cable somewhere but I'm a bit reluctant to get it. Its one of those 1000 ft cables I used to use a long time ago. In any case I've measured speeds using scp between LAN machines and came up with pretty crappy speeds!

    [linux] SCP [FreeBSD NAS]  – 5 mega BYTES p/s (i expected 10/100 MB link to have better speed than 5MB)
    [Windows] PSCP [FreeBSD NAS] – 2.5 mega BYTES p/s (im thinking putty secure copy implementation might be slowing it down?)

    WiFi to LAN

    [linux] SCP [FreeBSD NAS] – 1.8 mega BYTES p/s (wtf??)

    Ok I know that data MUST go through pfsense between subnets because it has to route the data from wifi to lan interfaces. However LAN to LAN over a switch should be point to point without ever seeing pfsense, right?

  • You can expect 802.11g to max out at about 2.8 MB/s, so what you are reporting there isn't unreasonable.  The 100 Mb link would probably max out at about 10 MB/s.

    The switch itself could be the problem, or it could be a problem with the auto-negotiation of the devices connected to it.  Certainly pfSense wouldn't be involved in LAN-LAN traffic, so you can rule that out.

  • I see. I will definitely try another switch in that case. It was a cheap one I bought off of someone on ebay for ~20 dollars. TP-Link 16 port switch. I will test against a small netgear switch that I have and see how the performance is since I know its a good one.

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