Configure CARP over vLans Trunk Port

  • Hello every one,
    I need to know if i can configure a CARP HA over a vLans Trunk Port, I need to set a Carp per each vLan i the trunk port?

    1. Create the vlan on pfSense
    2. Assign it as an interface
    3. Create a CARP alias for said interface

    Should work?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    CARP doesn't care if it's a tagged VLAN or not.  You need good layer 2 between CARP member nodes.

    And, yes, if you want all the VLANs to be HA you need a CARP VIP and each member node has to have an interface IP.

    VLAN 10 CARP VIP Master Backup

    VLAN 11 CARP VIP Master Backup


    Naturally, you set DHCP to give the CARP VIP as the default gateway, DNS Server, etc for each segment as applicable.

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