Replacing ISA server looking for "link translation"

  • I'm looking to use pfsense to replace an ageing ISA server installation. The ISA server handles incoming traffic to a fixed IP address with DNS for various subdomains handled by an external ISP. We also make some use of ISA's link translation such that and are routed to different internal servers based on the right hand side of the URL.

    Will pfsense do this and if so how (or what specific documentation should I be reading / keywords should I be searching for).

    Thanks in advance. Apologies if this is a newbie question with obvious answer - I have looked but failed to find anything of much use.

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    That can't be done in pfSense on its own, you might be able to make something like that work in HAProxy or Squid 3, try posting on the Cache/Proxy board here.

  • Ok. Thanks.

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