PFSENSE 1.2 will NOT INSTALL Help!!!!

  • I have a multitude of (dell poweredges 1650s, 1750 and vmware on a quad core) boxes and have not been able to install the latest 1.2 release.  the Install errors out from the menu (option 99)  I tried the commands in the /scripts/ directory and get the same errors.
    On order to get 1.2 to install I had to download 1.0.1 (ed06f369fefb5cb64d49796b9035a52c  pfSense-1.0.1-LiveCD-Installer.iso.gz)
    and then do a full upgrade to 1.2. Can you please fix the installer?

  • The installer is fine.  Perhaps giving us "the error out" message?

  • this is the error I am getting

    Launching pfSense Installer…

    One moment please...

    No matching processes were found
    kern.geom.debugflags: 16 -> 16
    ln: /var/run/dmesg.boot: File exists
    Launching LUA Installer...
    Configured: consolectl
    Available: ttyd0,consolectl
        Muting: on
    Launching Installer NCurses frontend...
    /scripts/lua_installer: /usr/local/sbin/dfuife_curses: not found
    Configured: consolectl
    Available: ttyd0,consolectl
        Muting: off
    Installation did not finish correctly.

  • You must have downloaded a wrong ISO.  Download the iso from

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