Public IP for each PC in lan.

  • Hi,

    I need some advice! I have 64 public IP's from my provider. The main idea is to give each PC in lan public IP address. However they should be protected with pFsense firewall server. I have read some tutorials, but I didn't find exact answer. So, could you expand a little bit more, how to solve this problem. Or what system should I use. (I suppose NAT is not suitable for it)
    ISP -> pFsense firewall -> switch -> hosts
    each host will need to have it's own public IP address(that gave me my provider)
    May be znyone can give a link to right tutorial?!


  • Thanks for fast reply! However there is one big problem. I will have a fileserver in LAN and sometimes I need to share files between hosts..
    In this article ( I have found: "Remember you cannot access hosts on a bridged interface from a NAT'ed interface, so if you do have a LAN interface set up, you won't be able to access the hosts on the bridged interface from the LAN. "
    Does it mean that there isn't any other way to have public IP's on hosts and enter LAN hosts?! Some how create rule for ex. will have always 213...23, will have 213...24 public IP and etc… and at the same time I can share files between and I am a little bit confused :)

    Let me explain a little bit more:
    For example range of LAn IP's will have public IPs 213...14 - 213...80 and - will have only one 213...100
    and all of them must me under firewall :)
    thats all
    Any advice?!

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