Route OPENVPN through IPSEC Encryption domain

  • Hi,

    Need some tips if someone have the time.
    My setup

    pfSense 2.2.5-RELEASE (amd64)
    IPSEC Phase 2 <->

    This works perfect, Server1 can access and

    Now here comes the problem. Have a OPENVPN:

    Is it possible to NAT OPENVPN through a virtual IP, lets say
    So if I try to access it will go over the IPSEC and connect to the remote server?

    Been testing a lot of ways, but I cant get it to work. The OPENVPN still goes out via standard GW and I cant see that the NAT to the VIRTUAL IP i have created even works. Feels like a route or nat issue :(

    Dont want to add another IPSEC Phase2, so that is not a solution.

    Thanks in advance

  • Think I found the problem.
    Adding a secunday phase 2 with the OPENVPN range and then set the NAT/BINAT option to seems to have fixed it.

    If anyone else have the same problem

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