Failover/VIP Pool Problem

  • Hi All,

    I'm a newb to pfsense and really would appreciate some assistance on this last situation I am struggling with. Basically I have a simple two box set up with a whole bunch of machines behind them. x.x.x.5 acts as the master and x.x.x.6 is the slave. I have set up CARP and synchronisation works like a beauty between the two firewalls. However, currently all of my computers behind the firewall use the master as its default gateway, as opposed to using both the master and the slave for failover purposes. I have set up the Virtual IPs on the master as x.x.x.9 for the WAN and the LAN interface; i.e. 10.x.x.9 and 91.x.x.9 as the Virtual IPs. I should also state that these are the only two interfaces available to us right now.

    I've tried searching for documents and have found some, but honestly am just not sure of exactly how I am supposed to create the pools, and what exactly am I supposed to do with the Virtual Server? I'm very confused on this matter and would dearly appreciate some assistance as soon as possible.

    So basically, to clarify, my question is; I've set up the Virtual IPs.. and now how in detail do I set up the Pool so that if the master dies, everything will be automatically failed over to the slave. I know I go to Services->Load Balancer, but within the options for creating the pool, I am clueless of what to put in. Do I put into the pool 91.x.x.5 and 91.x.x.6?

    As you can see, I'm very lost on this matter.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • The load balancer is for failing between WAN interfaces. I'm assuming you just need to failover from the master to the slave in your CARP setup. Please check out the tutorial here:
    but basically, you want to have the internal machines use 10.x.x.9 as the gateway and use x.x.x.9 as the outbound translate in AON.

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