Multi-wan, NO load balancing, wrong interface

  • so i have a dual wan set up.

    manual nat, i pick what source or destination goes through which interface…

    so i select (my voip box) to go through "default", my other option was "OPT OPT" or whatever it is.

    I do not have a load balancing pool or anything...

    now when my linksys voip box shows me on the page, the external ip is the correct interface but all the data is going in/out of the other interface which is the "OPT OPT" interface..

    i cant' seem to figure out why this is happening, any recommendations?


  • Please show a screenshot of your rules.
    It matters in what order you have them in the list.

  • cmb has connected to look at it last time and he ran out of time…...

    pretty much * = default = rl1, it registers the ip at rl1 but in/out are rl2.

    i'm not running load balancing and there are nothing in the pools

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