DDNS update crashes for Route53

  • Hi All,

    Ive had DDNS setup and working with my domain hosted in route53 for several months now.  However the other day I logged into the control panel and i'm getting crash reports every time it attempts to update.  Ive done a little bit of searching but haven't been able to identify the issue.

    One thing I have noticed is this issue seems to have started after ipv6 was configured on WAN a couple weeks ago.  Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

    Version: 2.2.5-RELEASE (amd64)

    Crash Report:

    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p24 #0 f27a67c(releng/10.1)-dirty: Wed Nov  4 16:18:37 CST 2015    root@pfs22-amd64-builder:/usr/obj.RELENG_2_2.amd64/usr/pfSensesrc/src.RELENG_2_2/sys/pfSense_SMP.10

    Crash report details:

    PHP Errors:
    Request Id: <request id="" -="" masked,="" don't="" know="" if="" its="" sensitive="">in /etc/inc/r53.class on line 545
    Request Id: <request id="">in /etc/inc/r53.class on line 545</request></request>

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