Problem adding additional interface to pfsense

  • Hi guys,
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place - I am in the process of setting up pfsense so I am posting in installations but maybe thats not quite right….

    Anyway, I have just installed pfsense 2.1. It may be slightly out of date but I am sort of following a guide I made myself so trying to keep it the same.

    I have a WAN interface, LAN interface and I have set up a virtual IP/subnet. I do it this way so I can assign internal IPs to my virtual machines and then I NAT those internal IP addresses to public IPs that are part of my virtual IP/subnet.
    Sorry if I am using bad terminology, I am still a beginner at networking and so on, but this is what I was advised to set up when I asked questions here previously.

    This all works fine.

    BUT if I try to add 1 more interface (LAN2) I can add it, configure new internal ip range and then I reboot pfsense and I can no longer get back in to the web interface.

    I just cant work out what could be going wrong when adding that third interface. Just wondering if you guys can help me in where to start looking for possible issues?

  • start by updating to the latest stable release.
    the webgui isn't all that different.

  • ok I will try that in a minute and report back….

  • I got it working but stupidly I did 3 things at once:

    Updated to latest release.
    decided to use instead of for new interface (In case there was some conflict with that lan range)
    Added a rule allowing the network to communicate over WAN - rules - source OPT1 net, dest * allow for both IPv4 and IPv6.

    I guess the second two arent likely to have caused my issue connecting to router admin (Seeing as I connect on the IP of WAN interface) so probably it was updating to latest version resolved it…?


  • This has happened again, I dont remember making any more changes but I rebooted the VM and web interface failed to load again.
    I have now restored from a backup and have went through my setup step by step until it breaks.

    I know that its definitely breaking as soon as I actually enable the OPT1 interface and add a local IP range to it ( - after rebooting the web interface will not load.

    I have a backup so I can revert back to before the adaptor is enabled and again it will work.

    Not sure where to start looking for the problem?

  • Just to confirm as well, I have upgraded to the latest release and still the problem persists.

    I do also have a full guide that I followed to set pfsense up as well so I can provide all steps that I have taken if that will help…..

  • Sorry guys, turned out to be something outside of pfsense - I have a virtual switch configured in hyperV where the pfsense guest is running and there was a box labelled "Enable VLAN identification for operating system management" and that had somehow got ticked for one of the virtual adaptors on pfsense. It seemed to be breaking pfsense.

  • Actually no its gone wrong again without me changing anything.
    Its making me think that its some sort of intermittent issue because its sometimes working and sometimes not post reboot.

  • Right, I am going for a record on the most times in which I can change my mind on what is wrong here. I think it was throwing me because it was intermittent but I thought it was corresponding to certain changes I was making.

    To troubleshoot further I started from scratch and just kept rebooting over and again and I found that it was sometimes failing to come back up even before I had added additional interfaces to pfsense.

    I eventually realised (I think) that it was because I was using legacy adaptors in hyperv - In the past pfsense had not worked for me unless I used legacy adaptors but maybe that has changed in the latest release.

    Anyway, once I added standard adaptors it appears to be working as expected. I have WAN and 3 LAN networks now and it is allowing me into the web admin consistantly so I think and hope I have resolved the issue.

    Just posting an update here in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

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