• I know that traffic shaping on a pfsense host in a vmware esxi server has been iffy in the past, especially when one NIC deals with multiple vlan's.  I have pfsense setup so that my WAN is mapped to a NIC (vmxnet3) and my LAN connections (six of them) are VLAN's that are in pfsense.  So, in other words, I don't have vmware doing the vlan assignments but yet pfsense.

    When attempting to fix bufferbloat, an article says to set bandwidth limits with codel on the interfaces.  My internet is 75/10 (really about 85/12) so I've been playing with the down limits.  It seems like when adjusting and running speedtests, I either get 85 down or 50 down, and it's not consistent.

    Is it because of vmware and the vlans, or something else?

  • It has been my experience that when running traffic shaping for PFSense on Vwmare , I make sure i have dedicated NIC's in the host to assign with no VLAN's.  I dont use VMXNET 3 NIC's for them and use the E1000 NIC's.

    I also make sure I am using Intel branded NIC's.  That being said - I dont run PFSense on Vmware for my LAN parties. I tried it once and it did not go very well.

    This is just my experience. YMMV.

  • I know that there were issues with the vmxnet3 drivers in older versions of pfsense, but they've now included it in the later builds.  However, I do agree that while it does work, it may not be the optimal solution.

    I am now wondering if vmware is the cause of my packet loss….