USB nic for internet connection

  • Hey, im totally new to pfsense… i tried installing today but only my internal nic is supported, i have a USB one that im planning to use for the internet connection... sadly its the RTL8153 chip... and not supported... is there any way around this? or is there a USB nic that does work?

    I did fiend some posts about this chip but not really a answer... at least not one i liked :P


  • @sajansen:

    . .  is there any way around this?

    Create VLAN for WAN and connect to a VLAN capable "smart" switch.  Only one NIC required.  Problem solved.

  • thanks for the tip. im going to look for a managed switch then… a small one with 4 ports or so shouldn't be to expansive anymore... anything i should look for or is just any managed switch good enough?

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    Any managed switch will be many orders of magnitude more reliable than USB junk.

  • Today i got a mannaged switch and set it up. everything is running nicely and with good speeds aswell :)

  • I've used both the Cisco SG200-08 (Model #: SLM2008T-NA), and Netgear GS108T (Model #: GS108T-200NAS).

    Like the Cisco SG200-08 more.

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