Proxy goes through wrong gateway??

  • Hi Everyone,
    I have 2 gateways.  1 and its set as default is for the internet with my ISP IP.  2nd is setup with openVPN connecting to Private internet access.  This works great I have had no issues with my rules.  Today I turned on Proxy.  All traffic goes through the 2nd gateway.  I cant figure out why.. If i add an IP address to bypass proxy it goes out my ISP IP but if I put traffic through proxy it goes out on 2nd gateway.  Now if I disable the gateway for the VPN under routing it still goes out over the VPN connection! If i disable the VPN everything works.  Any ideas? How do i tell my firewall to send traffic from proxy out gateway 1?

  • proxy always goes through the default route. if you setup pia , then most likely, this is your default route.

    you can change this behavior by using the 'dont pull routes' option on your openvpn server …. you will have to assign an interface to openvpn to make it work again

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