Access rights bassed on mac address/login

  • hey, i set up a pfsense box for the first time and so far everything seems to work just fine. im still testing and checking everything out but there are a few things i would like to add/setup before i fully switch over… i would like the option to filter access to the network... every new system that connects needs to login with a code or user/pass or something... and with that you can get full access. also a guest option that limits access to just internet and nothing else... also it would be nice to have the option to manually add mac-addresses for things like network printers and mediaplayers... you know, the things that dont have a display/option to fill in the login/code... It would also be nice if there was the option to limit guest network speeds just for trolls :)

    also when im going to switch over to the pfsense box as a router, ill need port forwarding... but i think i can handle that with just some fiddling around in firewall and/or nat somewhere... shouldn't be to much of a problem... but if it gets a problem ill be sure to be asking here... just letting you guys know... you might hear more from me with basic questions...


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    Uhm… Use the Captive Portal.

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