Multiple WAN, single IP each. Port forward to different LAN IPs

  • The situation is as follows. Looking for a solution but dont know the best way to do this.

    1. We are moving to a new data center. They have a limitation that they can only bind one public IP addresses to MAC address. Service provider cannot issue me a IP subnet of multiple IPs. What they do is give multiple IP addresses but each of the public IP needs to be bind to a MAC address in a VM and each of the public IP has separate default gateway addresses.
    2. I have a requirement of publishing few things varying from  MS Direct Access, Web services running on port 443 etc. Basically need to port forward 12 different public IP addresses to 12 different private IP addresses.

    Thinking of a possible solution,
    1. Have 12 WAN and 12 LAN interfaces
    2.Assign public IP address each to WAN interface and private IP address each to LAN interface.
    3. Do some sort of NAT (may be 1:1 NAT) or port forward to different LAN IP addresses via different LAN interfaces.
    4. I have been warned by the Service provider about "asymmetric routing" problem which may occur when trying this.

    Expert advice on this is greatly appreciated.

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