DNS issue.

  • i have a really weird issue im not sure how to address…

    i have pfsense hostname as "firewall"
    and domain "office.mydomain.com" (used my real domain)
    dns servers are google's and

    i have dns forwarder enabled with the following configurations:
    DHCP Registration: Enabled
    Static DHCP: Enabled
    interfaces: ALL ( i have 1 lan two WAN )

    1. some domains mostly co.uk dosnt work - i dont get DNS for them, if i change my dns server on my local pc directly to - works
    2. when i use nslookup for example to query domain.com i get:
    name: domain.com.mydomain.com instead of just domain.com and the address:
    weird problem as when i change on nslookup server configuration to
    i still get the same name and ip, what am i doing wrong ?

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