Advice on Setting my Bandwidth the correct way

  • My ISP package is 5.5mb and 900kb upload

    Im using Dedicated wizard

    But sometimes my speed drops from 3mb~4.6mb on morning to night I usually dont get the 5.5mb..

    Is it ok to leave the max speed in the download or i need to adjust it…

    Thanks for reading

  • It depends, but in my case, a fullyhsaturating upload would cause ~600ms latencies, while downloads went from 14 to 40.

    When I enabled CoDel on my upload, the latency tops out at ~45ms. A noticeable improvement.

  • Im using dedicated links "traffic_shaper_wizard_dedicated.xml" in wizard.. in this config path can I ensure that the bandwidth shaping is working? I dont know if my shaper working properly or there other part i need to re-config after this…

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  • You're not shaping your downloads because everything is going to qLink and everything is under qDefault for your upload.

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