2.2.5: IPsec Mobile Client .. Ping Client From Network

  • I'm running PFSense 2.2.5, using IPSec with mobile support and the built in windows 10 client.

    The Windows 10 clients connect quickly and can access the network perfectly, I can ping anything from the client and it replies quickly.

    I would like to be able to ping the client from the server (inside the network) which I can't seem to do.

    I can ping from the router (with the source address of the lan) but when I ping (tracert) from the server the router is passing the traffic to the internet in general not down the tunnel.

    Network Details

    LAN: / 16
    IPSec clients address pool: / 24

    P2 has a entry of:

    tunnel mode, LAN sub net, Mobile Client

    How do I get the router to pass traffic from the LAN subnet to the IPSec client pool ?


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