Restrict All Bandwidth on Interface?

  • First time question, so please be gentle. :)

    I just added a wireless OPT interface to my pfSense box, and am toying with the idea of making it "public" WiFi for my neighbors and any wardrivers who happen along. However, I want to make it so that the guy next door doesn't crush the Internet bandwidth such that it slows my LAN computers down… no matter what he may be doing (http, bittorrent, streaming media, etc...). Is traffic shaping the way I should go about this?

    I went through the traffic shaping wizard, specifying the OPT interface (named "WiFi") as the "Inside" interface, and the WAN interface as the "Outside". Other than the first screen where the WAN upload/download bandwidth is specified, it didn't seem to offer any related options for the overall bandwidth... rather, it wanted me to prioritize various protocols and services. I went through the wizard and did not select any to prioritize; at the end, it told me that it was cancelling the setup because I had not made any changes.

    So say I want to limit the upload and download of this WiFi interface to 25% of my total bandwidth. Is it just as simple as putting smaller numbers in the start page of the wizard? Or am I missing something else? (I did try searching the forums but didn't find much that seemed to be related; please feel free to point to appropriate threads if applicable.)

  • Going to be a luser and post a reply to my own question right away.

    I'm going through again, and this time I notice the "Penalty Box" section that does seem to put absolute caps on upload and download bandwidth. Seems to me that I could specify the IP range of the WiFi interface ( for the address value, then just put in the numbers I want.

    Would that work?

    (I know, I know… just go try it out and see....)