Watchguard X500 Easy Question

  • Hi All

    I was looking at a Watchguard X500 with pfsense on and i was wondering with the limiitations outlines here do these get wiped when pfsense is installed or are some of the features hardware?

    Performance Firewall throughput (WFS) : 100 Mbps
    Firewall throughput (Fireware Pro) : 110 Mbps
    VPN throughput (WFS) : 20 Mbps
    VPN throughput (Fireware Pro) : 30 Mbps
    Capacity Concurrent sessions : 20000
    Nodes (LAN IPs) : unlimited
    Security zones (WFS) : 3
    Security zones (Fireware Pro) : 6
    Mobile user VPN tunnels : 50
    Mobile user VPN client licenses : 5
    Authenticated users (internal database) : 250



  • They are all figures for the licensed Watchguard software. Loading pfSense on it will give different numbers.
    I expect that the throughput numbers are going to be "roughly" similar. That is a combination of hardware (CPU plus ethernet port speed) and software.
    The capacities will not be relevant with pfSense. Some of those things (security zones, VPN tunnels, authenticated users…) would have been licensed limitations in the Watchguard software. In pfSense it will go until you run out of some hardware limit - CPU, memory, storage space. You will get "bucketloads" of "security zones" (combinations of interfaces, subnets, rules), VPNs for inter-size or road-warrior or uplinks..., users, sessions.

  • Thats exactly what i thought.

    I mean 512mb ram will be enough mine is running virtual at the moment with vpn for clients and tunnels and its using 100mb ram so should be ample.

    Thanks for the response.

    I might get a X500 for my dads house and an X1000 for me as slightly faster hardware

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