DHCP Server leases time

  • Hi All,

    Just quick question because I am not sure either I am doing something wrong or I missed something ?!

    I am using pfSense as Captive Portal with vouchers authentication (I mention about this because I may have to change something in there).

    In Captive Portal Status menu I see all active users and vouchers etc - all works fine, but when I go to [Status] -> [DHCP Leases] I can see all leases are 24hrs. I checked in [Services] -> [DHCP Server] "Lease Time" box was empty and described that default value is 7200 seconds (5 days ?). And now - doesn't matter what I type in and save changes, reload DHCP, reconnect user - its lease time is always 24hrs ?!

    What I am doing wrong or what else should I do?

    Its pain in the back because if some user will not get back to system within 24hrs is getting another IP and then system doesn't want to accept his voucher (which is valid for week or month). When I temporary add this user into static DHCP entries (IP + MAC) then his voucher is accepted and all works fine.

    In [Services] -> [DHCP Server]:
    "Deny unknown clients" is unticked
    "Enable Static ARP Entries" is unticked
    "Change DHCP display lease time from UTC to local time" is unticked
    All text boxes are empty by default except IP pool range which is almost full subnet (big enough for all users in total).

    Any Idea?
    I can provide more info if I missed something.


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    default value is 7200 seconds (5 days ?)

    Mathematics clearly isn't your forte…  :o

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    heheheheeh… Oh dok, you make me laugh..

    Frot -- how many seconds in a minute?

  • Yeah… sorry, I can't even member how did I count it, in rush I calculated something and without thinking wrote result here :)

    Any way its 2 hrs which is not what I see on [Status] -> [DHCP Leases]

    Any ideas?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You do understand that is if the client doesn't ask for a specific lease.. If they ask for 24 hours, unless you change the max to something below that then dhcpd would give them a 24 hours lease.

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