Unable to connect windows 7 client to l2tp/ipsec on pfsense

  • Hi,
    I have tried to follow below guide with some confusions/assumptions and configured pfsense as the guide says but i cannot connect a windows 7 enterprise client to it.


    while following above guide i have faced ambiguity in below parts of guide.
    Under heading
    Setup L2TP
    Configure L2TP Server

    Set Server Address to an unused private subnet IP, such as
    NOTE: This is not a public IP address or "listen" IP for the L2TP service, it is a local IP address set as the "gateway" on the clients
    Set Remote Address Range to an unused private subnet, such as

    When i tried as mentioned above it would complain about some ip and i selected diffrent subnet for both i.e.  gateway address and remote address range fields.

    Under "Setup IPsec" "Phase 1"

    it doesnt mentions of "Remote gateway"

    and if i enter nothing in it i get below error upon saving it

    i entered my wan address (ddns name ) ..

    The following input errors were detected:
    The field Remote gateway is required. 

    the guide also doesnt mentions anything about preshared key available in pfsense at below location
    "Phase 1 proposal (Authentication)" "Pre-Shared Key"

    though the guide says to configure authenticatoin to mutual psk

    then in the portion of guide
    "Pre-Shared Key"
    it says creatin of shared key .. how it relates to above one?

    in my case i have entered different preshared key at both locations and vpn from windows 7 client cnanot connect and gives error  789
    i hope i am not following that guide too religiously…

  • L2TP/IPsec is troublesome. You are better off deploying IKEv2, which works fine with the client built in to Windows 7.

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