Use Network Aliases in OpenVPN configuration too?

  • Guys, do we have any chance to use the Aliases we can create in Firewall > Aliases area, in OpenVPN's configuration at Server or Client Tunnel Settings > IPv4 Local Network/s? I see that these Aliases are used not only in firewall, but also in routing and NAT functions. I wonder why not possible to do the same for OpenVPN.

    There are many complex scenarios when various VPNs are set up and Aliases are used to set up correctly routing and NATting (for example creating an alias containing all the networks of the remote site, in order to handle routing and firewall rules in that direction). It would be very handy to use the Aliases the same way in OpenVPN's own config page.

    Often it happens that a new network appears on one side, it is added to aliases properly everywhere, thus routes, NAT and rules apply automatically to the new network, but it has to be manually added to OpenVPN's Tunnel settings also, which is just a field containing comma separated CIDR values. I'm currently having 26 subnets separated here by commas, it's becoming a pain to overlook and also a serious place to make mistakes - while Aliases would be so much better…

    Any chance to have that?

    I thought about this a long time ago and never did anything about it!
    Someone (me?) should look at it again when the 2.3 code is stable.

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