Apcupsd with UPSTYPE net

  • I want to use UPSTYPE net for apcupsd on my pfSense (2.2.5) box.  I want it to communicate with apcupsd running on another box.

    I am unable to configure this configuration correctly via the UI.  I keep getting:

    UPSTYPE net slocum.int.unixathome.org:3551

    But that will not start:

    service apcupsd.sh start
    Starting APC UPS Daemon…
    /usr/local/sbin/apcupsd: Bogus configuration value (invalid-ups-type)
    Terminating due to configuration file errors.

    Solution, edit /usr/pbi/apcupsd-amd64/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf and change the offending lines to:

    UPSTYPE net
    DEVICE slocum.int.unixathome.org:3551

    Then apcupsd starts.

  • Banned

    And why are you leaving the 'Device' field empty and sticking the stuff into 'UPS Type' field instead?! There's even a detailed table showing what to put where for each UPS type. Sigh.  >:(

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