• Hi Guys

    Well, the schedule setup messed up the config here  :'(
    Now Sullrich was nice enough to suggest me mailing the config to him, and he would try and fix it, but he's a busy man, and I need a resolution soon, so I think I might have to reinstall the lot of it. I'm not critisizing Scott in any way, there are only so many hours in the day, and it's not that big a config.

    I'm running in a runtime now, with a very limited setup, compared to what I had set up in the installed edition. Question is, how easy is it to download the config I have so far from the runtime, and then reuse that in the hd installed version? Will it remember the static DHCP settings, and all the other stuff I've created so far?

  • yes.
    just download the config and restore it.