PfSense can't access Internet when bridge/transparent mode is on

  • Hello to all pfSense Users!

    I'm new with pfSense, but… I liked it. At start I'll describe situation:

    My network includes about 50 PCs. We connect Internet via gateway (ISP's router that I don't have access). Out network is connected to other in another building. There is no DHCP server and there won't be - all must have static IPs. I decided to monitor Internet traffic so I installed pfSense on DELL 745 with 2GB of RAM. I didn't want to change topology so I used that topic -> to set my pfSense as transparent bridge wirewall. In my DELL I have 3 NICs - two are bridged and one I left for WebAdmin with static IP. Now I'm able to block websites I want, all PCs in network have Internet access, but there is one problem. When I try to chech updates or install additional packages on my pfSense device I get info that it can't connect to Internet. Here is a message "Unable to communicate with Please verify DNS and interface configuration, and that pfSense has functional Internet connectivity."

    I only set bridge, which works fine, I added DNS servers (OpenDNS and Google's) and created few firewall's rules to block facebook etc on LAN interface. Could you tell me what should I do? Maybe there is a possibility to use my WebAdmin interface to connect to Internet?

    I'd be glad for help.

    PS: sorry for my poor English - it got rusty :)

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