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  • TLDNR 1): Can I specify a specific IP address for Static Port in Firewall:Nat:Outbound rather then the entire subnet?
    TLDNR 2): Are there any Republic Wireless users that can recommend settings for pfSense?

    I'm new to pfSense and advanced routers in general (previous experience was with SOHO routers running DD-WRT). I have a lot left to learn, but in the mean time I need to make sure my phones are working reliably. I've had call quality issues the last few days, which I don't really think is a pfSense issue (because I've been running pfSense for a few months without issue) but nonetheless I'm wondering what configuration settings I should be using. I found one post (on the Republic Wireless forum) recommending static ports. I've tried that, though I'm not sure I have it set right…

    ...In Firewall:NAT:Outbound, I set mode to Manual then created a mapping for source 192.168.XX.YYY/32 where XX is my subnet and YYY is my phone. I'm not sure if /32 actually works to specify a specific IP address, but I didn't see another to do that (I didn't want to set the entire subnet for static port for security reasons.)

    I've seen some of the articles related to VoIP calling, but not sure if they apply to Republic Wireless and I'm not exactly sure what some of the settings are doing so I'm a bit hesitant to make those changes unless needed.

    Also, would any packages like Snort or Squid3 be causing issues? I've got snort set for alerts only and Squid3 in non-transparent mode (manually configuring specific devices... no WPAD), and the phone is not configured to use the proxy. Hardware is an old PC with plenty of CPU & memory, so I don't think that's an issue (dashboard shows plenty of resources available.)

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