"Wan interface is disabled" – PPPoE

  • I can't seem to get PPPoE connection up. It's a VDSL Connectinon, with the modem doing just bridging activities.

    Here are the steps I'm taking:

    1. Go to Interfaces > assign
    2. Go to PPPs
    3. Add new PPP (select em0 as the parent interface, put in the username & password and configure null service name
    4. Go to Interfaces > Interface Assignments and for "WAN", select "PPPOE0(em0) - myusername@isp.dsl.com" and click "Save"
    5. Go to Status > Dashboard (normally by now it should be connected)

    But instead I see this:

    And status > interfaces shows this:

    This is normally the procedure I use to do the config. Anyone know what's the issue here?

  • Answered my own question. It looks like this is the result of having incorrect PPPoE credentials (The ISP gave me the wrong realm name).

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